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This is Where the fun stuff happens!

The holidays are a exciting and relaxing time for many people, but for some families  who have experienced the loss of a parent the holidays can be a trying time and struggle for them to put food on the table and gifts under the tree. We are seeking donations to help requested families in need this holiday.

 Thank you in advance. 

Abou​t Us

Sew Innovative of Jacksonville (SIFA) is a Fashion Academy created for like minded individuals to be given an unique opportunity to learn a skill that will last a lifetime! 

SIFA is building on becoming a great asset to its community! 

We will build confidence by seeing creativity take form; while encouraging the artistic ability. 

SIFA values and seeks a diverse student population. 

We thrive in challenge and welcome your sense of style!


Do you have a PASSION for FASHION? We invite you to bring that passion to our Fashion Design class. This is a unique opportunity for individuals  interested in fashion & fashion careers to explore the mechanisms and processes of the fashion industry. 

The fashion designer of today is a multi blended artist, marketer, business owner & maker. Our fashion design courses explore the foundation of fashion design. You will learn about fashion history and the role fashion plays in our society. SIFA gives you the opportunity to be introduced into the business of fashion design. You will learn how garments are constructed and how to market them. You will be able to turn a fashion idea into a finished garment you can wear. You will build up your portfolio for college prep, trade schools or start up businesses.

 With our small class sizes, hands on teaching and one on one mentoring, students receive quality classes at a cost and pace that works for them.  By the end of the courses students will have gained all required base knowledge to deal with any garment.